Stevenage FC Foundation are currently recruiting 15-17 year olds (school year 11 and 12) to join our NCS programme for Summer 2020.

NCS is a government backed programme, which encourages young people to gain new life skills to set them up for the next steps in their lives.

How Does It Work?


Phase One is all about being EPIC! You'll be taking part in things like Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Aeroball, Jacobs Ladder, Team Building and Bushcraft. This week is all about working in a team, developing leadership and teamwork skills and challenging yourself.  

You'll live with your team in on-site accommodation, and all of your meals will be ready and waiting for you in the canteen after you've done your activities! Your team will be made up of 12-16 young people you may never have met before, but you can bring along your friends to make more awesome memories together.


This is your chance to discover something new! You'll stay in university halls of residence in a flat where you'll have to do all your own shopping and cooking!

You could find yourself meeting organisations and important people from your local community. Even better – you might discover something new about yourself. Maybe you've got a hidden (or not so hidden) passion for photography, editing, football coaching or even how to set up your own business! You'll have the chance to develop life skills like confidence, leadership and communication to boost your CV or UCAS personal Statement. 


This is where your NCS experience all comes together. All the fun and inspiration from the first two phases means you're ready to step up and deliver your very own 'DO GOOD' project. Plan; Deliver; make a difference!​

You can do whatever you like for your Social Action Project, it's completely up to your team! In the past few years we've had cake sales, car washes, mural painting and other fundraising. If you have a particular charity or organisation that you'd like to work with that's absolutely fine too! 


A few weeks after the last day of NCS you'll be invited to attend your graduation party. This is where you'll celebrate everything you've achieved with your teams and showcase your Social Action Projects to your friends and family! Don't forget you'll receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister too!

The Future

At the end of your NCS experience, you're now part of the bigger NCS family. This is only just the beginning! You'll get exclusive access to potential volunteering opportunities and apprenticeships as well as amazing discounts and big events!

Once an NCSer, always an NCSer.

You'll also have the opportunity to become an NCS Graduate, which will mean that you can apply to work on NCS as a Team Leader or Assistant Team Leader!


Joe Sugg & Caspar Lee Visit SFCF NCS Programme 2016 (Video) - Click Here

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If you've got any questions about the programme or would like to know more than please email us at [email protected] or call 01438 223223 (Option 6).