Players start to arrive at our host venue from 9:30 in the morning, and begin to interact with other players and coaches whilst waiting for all the other arrivals. As 10:00 strikes the players are taken out on to the pitches, and begin the day of football in their age groups.

Coaches put the players through a series of fun games, activities, matches and tournaments as the day goes on. The games and activities delivered to the players are designed to develop players footballing skills, movements and techniques. Players will then play in small sided games and themed tournaments to round the day off. During the tournaments and games, players will be given the chance to earn themselves transfers to other teams and make transfers to their teams to ensure players get to play with a variety of players during the day.

As the day draws to a close, the coaches hand out awards to each age group. The first award is ‘Highlight of the day’, given to a player or players that have produced a moment during the day that has stuck in the coaches memory. The majority of the time, this award is given to a player for non-footballing reasons, such as showing good leadership, been a good helper or friend or showing an all round good attitude. The second award is ‘Player of the day’, the recipient of this award receives a trophy to take home and keep. This award is given to a player that has shown a combination of a good footballing display in addition to a positive attitude and behaviour throughout the day. 

Each day and camp has a theme to ensure players are receiving a range of footballing skills and add a theme to the time of year. At our recent camp we had a Halloween fancy dress competition, with the winners receiving some prizes and gifts and been greeted by members of the first team and management. We run regular competitions and days to add a different edge of fun and creativity to the camps for our participants.


The young players have also been very fortunate on recent camps, to be visited by players and coaches from the first team and be able to spend an afternoon together. The young players were given the opportunity to ask a series of questions to the first team players, collect autographs and photos, ending with the first team players managing the young players during tournaments.