Stevenage Football Club Foundation (Charity No: 1140006) is the official charity of Stevenage Football Club, which delivers a variety of sporting and educational based activities in order to help to improve the standard of living within the local community.

The Foundation's work is built around two core principles - People & Potential. We work on a number of projects with a variety of partners in order to deliver work that impacts those two principles.


Providing opportunities for our community to realise their potential

Mission Statement

To offer sustainable programmes that create active and healthier lifestyles, improve opportunities to reach both individual and collective potential, and positively impact all areas of our community.

Our Values

Professionalwe will strive to provide the highest level of service and delivery to our service users, partners, staff and volunteers


Engagewe will aim to connect with our communities by involving them in our work and ensuring our service relates to their needs


Openwe will work with integrity and honesty in every area of our work


Passionwe will show our commitment to creating positive experiences at all times for the benefit of our community


Leadwe will inspire our community and guide our participants to reach their potential


Excitewe will enthuse our participants, partners, staff and volunteers by creating a relatable and fun service

2016-19 Strategic Plan

In 2016, the Foundation created its first ever strategic plan to outline and guide the work the Foundation would develop and deliver in our local community over a three year period.

Download our 2016-19 Strategic Plan - Click Here

In 2019, the Foundation will be beginning a full strategic review to launch a new strategy in September 2019.


Below are a list of policies linked to the Foundation that are available for download: