ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) is a five week practical programme designed to improve and sharpen basic movement patterns and skills for Key Stage 1 pupils and is focussed around the Key Stage 1 Physical Education National Curriculum.

Over a five week period the pupils will be taking part in fun based sessions set out to:

  • Improve basic motor skills
  • Develop ideas about spatial awareness
  • Introduce and develop hand-eye co-ordination through throwing and catching
  • Work as teams and promote encouragement and positive attitudes towards winning and losing
  • Provide the class with physical exercise and develop basic ideas about keeping active

Typical Course Structure

Week 1 - Basics of Balance
Week 2 - Throwing and Catching
Week 3 - Agility and Movement
Week 4 - Teamwork
Week 5 - Mini Olympics

For more information on ABCs or to discuss booking in an ABCs course at your school, please contact our Head of Education & School Sport, Daryl Smith via [email protected]